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Sonos- Wireless Speakers and 
              Home Sound System
Sonos is a smart, connected, wireless speaker system for your home or office. And a lot more!

From small speakers to large, connected hubs to connected amps, soundbars to sub woofers, Sonos makes wireless, connected speakers for all kinds of people and all kinds of environments. But what is a wireless connected speaker and why should you care about them? Read on!

How does Sonos work?
Sonos speakers are, well, speakers. What makes them different from old-fashioned wired speakers is that you don't need the wires. You just plug them into power and they work. The way they work is by creating a custom Wi-Fi network — called a Sonosnet — in your home. That lets them get sound and do some other amazing things.

Some of those amazing things include streaming most of your favourite music services, like Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon, Pandora, and more. If you get a Sonos Playbar, you can also build out a home theatre set up. Either way, you can easily add more speakers at any time, and control all of it with your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or Android tablet. Even your Mac or PC.

It can go in any room, from room to room, can include up to 32 components, and can even connect to existing, traditional speakers and sound systems. You can even play a different song in every room or group rooms together in zones.

That makes a Sonos system incredibly flexible and versatile.
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