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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

All businesses, large or small, have a responsibility to ensure that all of their portable electrical items are safe and present no hazard to those around them.

Portable appliances are defined as any electrical item that is, or can be, connected to the mains electrical system. A laptop itself, for example does not fall within this category but its mains charger does. The fan that is only plugged in during the heat of the summer does fall into this category even when it is stored away in a cupboard (for most of the year!)

Portable Appliance Testing should be carried out at regular intervals as determined by the type of item and the environment in which it is being used.

Items that are always plugged in and very rarely moved can be tested every 12 months, whereas a device that is regularly moved and plugged into various different mains outlets, for example a vacuum cleaner, would need to be tested on a more frequent basis.

The testing process begins with a full asset list being produced of all electrical items, this will indicate the type of item, its normal location and the required frequency of testing.

All items are then physically inspected to ensure that there is no obvious damage to the electrical connections. They are tested using specialist equipment that is designed to record all relevant information whilst ensuring that no damage is done to the item itself.

Each item is labelled to show that it has successfully passed and also when it is next due to be tested. Any items that fail are marked accordingly and should not be used until they are able to pass the test.

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